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Landing a rewarding job in the civilian sector has become much easier with ExclusiveResume considering company's multiple benefits

We create targeted resumes which means we don't produce generic documents to apply for any position. We work to develop resumes to match the requirements of specific jobs as opposed to developing generic resumes.

At ExclusiveResume, we are ready to walk an extra mile for our customers. In fact, we work on resumes and CVs until our clients are completely happy with the products/services they receive.

Our messaging system allows communicating with your writer 24/7. With the help of this messaging system you can coordinate and monitor the work of your writer and request changes as you go

Resume writing is only one of the services provided by our company. There are some additional services that can help you land a job, such as interview tips, list of employment agencies, etc.

You don't need to do anything when your order is being written by our resume specialist. You can take a cup of tea or coffee and relax - our team will take care of everything on your behalf.

If you don't know what direction you should be going professionally, don't hesitate to talk to your writer and ask for advice. All of our writers have HR experience and can help you with your career vector.


As a former military professional, you likely had to face tough chellanges that most civilians can't comprehend. There is no experience like that of serving the country in the armed forces. And while people typically show due respect and appreciation to veterans, it rarely (if ever) helps former military memebers successfully transition to the civilian workforce. More than that, developing an effective resume in this context appears to be one of the major difficulties because putting a military experience into terms civilian employers understand requires industry specific knowledge and skill set.

At ExclusiveResume we understand all resume writing challenges that people face after retiring from the military because our service is specifically tailored to match the veterans' career needs. We focus resumes on skills and qualifications that are transferable to the civilian workforce - something many former military members have difficulty with. Our experienced writers/editors are expert both in the civilian and military sectors so they know how to create a document that will contain key qualifications relevant for employers today. Additionally, we beleive well-written resumes to be a great inteview guide to lead the interviewers down the path outlined in the resume.

Cover Letter

It is important to understant that a cover letter is as important marketing tool as a resume. Sometimes, companies demand a cover letter to be submitted along with a resume or CV, while other job openings don't say anything about this type of document at all. In either case, sending a cover letter is always the best option even if employers choose to ignore this document. However, developing an effective cover letter for former service members is somewhat different from creating the one for people with no military background.

At ExclusiveResume we provide resume and cover writing services only to people who served in the military and, therefore, all our final documents are tailored to match specific needs of former service members. Our professional writers understand how to use a cover letter to explain a career transition to the civilian workforce and how to demilitarize the terms prospective employers may not like. We believe our main job when developing a cover letter is to translate one's experience and skills into civilian terminology along with crafting a convincing explanation for how your experience is relevant to civilian work (and particular employer).



Honoring the sacrifices many have made for the country is the foundation of what we do at ExclusiveResume. While we can't repay the debt to our veterans for their service, we can certainly take steps to ease their transition to the civilian workforce by taking care of resume writing and other job search activities.

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