Job Search Tips for Former Military Members: Part 2

April 10, 2017

In our last blog post we have started a series on job search tips for former military members. Today we ware going to continue with another set of things you should do in order to have a successful civilian career after the service. Keep in mind that the entire thing can take a long time...

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Job Search Tips for Former Military Members: Part 1

March 1, 2017

Resume writing is our primary service and will be writing a lot about how to develop a resume on your own in this blog. However, from time to time we will also post blogs that will contain great information on how to get a job in the civilian sector for those who used to serve...

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Resume Writing Principles for Former Military Members

February 6, 2017

Writing a resume for former military service members is more difficult than doing the same thing for those who have always worked in the civilian sector. Not because the principles of creating an effective application document is much different. In fact, most of the patterns applied by job seekers today are the same regardless of...

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Introduction to ExclusiveResume

February 3, 2017

Transitioning to a civilian workforce has never been easy for former military members. There are many challenges to overcome on the road to civilian career success. The fact that the hiring process is different makes it all confusing for those who used to serve in the military. That is why we have developed into a...

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