Helping Military Families Through The Deployment Process

September 27, 2017

Deployment is never easy for those who used to serve in the military. It is much more than just changing a career (most civilians think of this analogy when they try to imagine what the transition for veterans); it is changing your entire life. Regardless of the period you served in the army, some of...

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Transition to Civilian Life

September 22, 2017

Changes are never easy, especially for those who have lived a life already (which is true of most veterans). Buying a new car, moving to a different state or even getting a new bed can cause a significant amount of stress let along changing an entire lifestyle. Therefore, it is no wonder veterans who are...

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Great Industry Options for Veterans

August 10, 2017

It doesn’t really matter how long you were in the military, the process of transitioning back to civilian life is never easy. There are many obstacles that make it hard for former service members to find a good civilian job. Taking time for yourself, highlighting transferable skills on a resume, networking and making connections –...

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What to Say At The Interview?

August 4, 2017

Many job seekers don’t know what they should be talking about when giving such an opportunity during a job interview and former service members are not an exception. In fact, it is even harder for veterans to filter information since private sector employers definitely don’t need to know everything about the internal aspects of the...

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