How Are We Different?

You may have noticed that the content and design of our website is made in a way that highlights our narrow direction – to help service member transition from the military to the civilian workforce. This is the very first thing that makes us different from the rest of resume writing agencies you can find online. Even the name of our company – ExclusiveResume – speaks of exclusivity of our services. The thing is we work to help not all job seekers but only those who used to serve in the military. We recognize that it is much harder for veterans to get a foot in the door of good job opportunities today. The reason is not because they are not qualified for the jobs; it is rather because they don’t know how to communicate their professional experience in a way that would be attractive for potential employes. In fact, service members often are much better candidates in terms of what they can bring in to the organization but because their resumes and cover letters are filled with military terms and acronyms hiring authorities don’t understand.

At ExclusiveResume we have gathered a team of professionals who specialize in resume writing and human resouces particularly for service members. Our company was created with the purpose of providing qualified assistance to people served in the military and wish to change their occupation today. Our writers and editors are constantly trained on the matters of civilian employment as well as on different aspects of resume writing techniques and standards. We constantly monitor recent trends in recruiting strategies and how employers choose candidates for job interviews. Based on this information, our company initiates process improvement programs to comply with latest tendencies in job search strategies in order to better serve our customers. However, we are not like other resume writing agencies because all of our operations are made within the context of serving the military members. At ExclusiveResume we always take into account the fact that civilian employers often don’t understand military experience/accomplishments and, therefore, our writers are trained at translating everything into the language that is common for civilian HR managers.

We are also different in a way that we help service members not only with resume writing. Additionally, we provide cover letter writing service along with other features that may help one get the civilian job. One of such services is interview tips – a document that will help prepare a job seeker for an interview. Also, the list of employment agencies, resume distribution, and post-interview thank you letter could help improve one’s application and get a job offer. All of these services are provided in the context of transition from the military to the civilian workforce – something you will have a hard time finding online. Most resume companies don’t narrow down their services to one target audience; they are happy to have as many customers as they possible can. ExclusiveResume, however, is meant to help exclusively military members only. Therefore, all of the services and operations are adjusted accordingly.