Promises and guarantees have become the hallmark of many companies, especially those that provide their services online. Resume writing companies are no exceltion. Multiple agencies guarantee not just “outstanding service”, “professionally written CV” or “high quality of writing” but also interview invitations and even job offers, the ultimate end-goal of resume writing. No wonder why job seekers tend to choose those companies that can guarantee more. The surprise comes when the promises are broken and all guarantees appear to be out of reach. At ExclusiveResume, one of the key priorities is honesty. We don’t want to hook the clients by attractive slogans that promise something no respectable agency can guarantee.

What Do We Guarantee at ExclusiveResume?

Let’s get things straight right away: ExclusiveResume doesn’t guarantee interview invites or job offers if you choose to order our services. Not because we can’t help our clients secure interviews or jobs. It is because we really understand how hiring decisions are made in reputable companies. The truth of the matter is that even the best resume in the world doesn’t guarantee employment due to the nature of selection process. First of all, the purpose of a resume is to get you an interview. No CV or resume is meant to get you a job offer right away (no smart employer will make a hiring decision based on a single document without having the meeting with a candidate). This is important to understand in the context of guarantees provided by many resume writing agencies online. Employment then is the result of an interview meeting, not a successful resume. A successful resume though usually results in a job interview invitation.

Does a well-written resume guarantee an interview then? Not necessarily. If you don’t get an interview invitation, it doesn’t automatically mean your resume was poorly written. In fact, you will be surprised to know how many great CVs and resume have never been reviewed by hiring authorities simply because the company has already filled in the opening. Also, it isn’t the failure of a resume if there were more qualified candidates who got the interview opportunity. As you can see, popular “guaranteed employment” or “guaranteed interview offers” claims aren’t really within the reach of companies providing resume writing services. Therefore, at ExclusiveResume we don’t guarantee things like job offers and interviews because we can’t promise something that is not in our reach.

However, we do have guarantees of quality writing. This means that if you order a resume, CV or cover letter to be written from ExclusiveResume, you will receive nothing but a high quality paper customized to your specific career objectives. We also do guarantee that our customers will receive the ordered products and services within the deadline chosen. In case the aforementioned conditions are not met, our writers and editors will revise the paper under the supervision of ExclusiveResume managers. The document(-s) will be revised until the client is happy with the received service.

Despite the fact that we don’t guarantee interviews of job offers to be received within specificed period of time, our clients are often invited for interviews and eventually hired for the jobs. At ExclusiveResume, we have this simple logic: we achieve success when our customers get jobs. Therefore, with ExclusiveResume there is very little chance you will not succeed in your career.