Terms & Conditions

1. Key Definitions of the Terms & Conditions
1.1. The Terms and Conditions are referred to as “The Contract”.
1.2. The term “The Company” refers to ExclusiveResume within the context of this Contract denoting the entity that involves team of writers, editors, and resume specialists.
1.3. The recipient of the services and/or products delivered by the Company is referred to as “The Customer”. Anyone can become the Customer after placing an order and paying for the specified service.
1.4. The terms “Product” and “Services” refer to a document(-s) in an electronic format that is received by the Customer when the Order is complete.
1.5. The process of reimbursing money to the Customer’s account due to the conditions mentioned in this Contract is referred to as “Refund”.
1.6. In case the Customer’s requirements were not met in the Product provided by the Company, one can request free editing of the document according to The Customer’s requirements (referred to as “Revision”)

2. Contract Terms
2.1 This engagement shall commence upon the order placement and payment submission and shall continue upon and up to the completion of the order or termination of this contract.

3. Products & Services
3.1. In accordance with this Contract, the company must provide selected by and paid for Product(s) and/or Service(s) within the deadline chosen by the Customer.
3.2. If the requirements for the order (or any other information without which completion of the order is impossible) were provided with delay in time (by the Customer), the Company has the right to provide the Product(s) and/or Service(s) with the correspondent delay.
3.3. The Customer are obliged to provide order requirements on time. The order requirements include the following information:
3.3.1. Career objectives (the purpose of using the ordered Products)
3.3.2. Work experience (i.e. companies, employment dates, titles and specific duties performed/accomplishments for each job).
3.3.3. Education and training (names of colleges, graduation dates, and degrees).
3.3.4. Major Career Accomplishments
3.3.5. Other skills and qualifications

4. Limitation of Liability
4.1. Under no circumstances shall ExclusiveResume be liable for any damages (direct or indirect) that may be caused from the use of the services provided by the Company.
4.2. By placing an order with the Company, the Customer automatically acknowledges that ExclusiveResume offers no guarantees in regards to getting a specific job or securing a job interview.
4.3. The Company cannot be responsible for inabilities on the Customer’s behalf to receive materials from ExclusiveResume.

5. Free Revision Requests
5.1. If the Company doesn’t meet the order requirements, the Customer can request a revision at no additional fee.
5.2. Free revisions are available for the Customer within 30 days after the Product/Service was delivered unto the Customer’s account.
5.3. In order to submit a valid revision request, the Customer must provide instructions as to what needs to be changed.
5.4. ExclusiveResume is responsible for delivering revised paper(-s) within 2 days after the revision request was made by the Customer. In case the urgency of the order was less than 2 days, the Company is responsible to deliver the revised materials within 24 hours.
5.5. If instructions for revision request were submitted with delay in time, ExclusiveResume reserves the right to deliver the revised materials with the correspondent delay.

6. Refunds
6.1. The Customer can use the right to send a refund request within 30 days after the Product and/or Service was delivered unto one’s account.
6.2. This right is applied by default when the Customer provided no order information and/or changed his or her mind to have the Product/Service ordered from ExclusiveResume.
6.3. The Customer also can use the right to apply for refund in case of low quality of the Product/Service delivered by the Company. The refund request must be submitted along with the reasoning for reimbursement of money. All cases pertaining to refunds are processed individually by the Administrators of the Company.

7. Confidentiality
7.1. The Company has the right to use its materials, including resumes, cover letters, and other Products written for the Customer as samples without Customer’s consent with the condition of changing the Customer’s personal details to maintain confidentiality.
7.2. The Company takes responsibility for not sharing personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, or any other kind of information that may disclose one’s identity) with the third parties.
7.3. The Customer takes full responsibility for maintaining confidentiality of the account and password at ExclusiveResume. The Customer also accepts all responsibility for the operations occurring under the account and password of the Customer.

8. Copyright

8.1. The content of exclusiveresume.com is owned by the Company and is protected by copyright laws. This content may not be reproduced and/or distributed without prior consent of ExclusiveResume made in writing.

By using the products and services of ExclusiveResume the Customer agrees to consent with all of the terms and conditions of this Contract. The Customer is responsible for the use of the Products and Services provided by the Company. The right to edit, remove or add sections of this agreement is reserved by ExclusiveResume. When such changed are incorporated into the Contract and enforced, the Customer will be notified about any modifications, that will be posted on this website or sent via e-mail. ExclusiveResume has the right to terminate any order (paid or unpaid) at its own decision. In this case, the Customer will receive a notification containing the reasons of this termination before a reimbursement is made.